Homeschool Programs

Take the Pressure Off Planning With Our Offline and Online Homeschool Programs.

Inspire My Homeschool programs offer a fresh and contemporary approach to teaching your children using the hallmarks of the Charlotte Mason method. (You won’t  spend precious time searching for those dusty elusive hard-to-find books here!). With Inspire My Homeschool you will be founded in the great classics while still offering current and up-to-date resources that are relevant to today’s modern world. Yes, you will find the classics here, but they are read alongside fabulous contemporary writing and are complemented by informative videos that will inspire your child to know and to think.

We’ll give you an easy to follow schedule, an education plan, and a range of resources and books that will nourish and enrich your child’s education. And we’ll support you along the way with our parent workshops and how to homeschool programs.

Our Hope For Our Students

Our homeschool programs aim to give an academically strong curriculum within the framework of a Charlotte Mason education. We believe in equipping parents and children with the knowledge and skills needed for a modern education whilst also providing a rich literature foundation that is also filled with the wonders of creation.

Each homeschool program has been developed in consultation with experienced Charlotte Mason home educators who have traveled the homeschool journey with their own children. We believe children form connections and relationships with the lessons and ideas they are being taught and therefore we endeavor to give a rich and generous curriculum.

The Inspire My Homeschool programs have been carefully integrated to give your child a well-rounded education which meets global education standards whilst still adhering to a Christian world view.

Homeschool Programs – Support & Enrichment

The below courses are provided free with membership.

Homeschool 101

How To Homeschool

How To Homeschool Course.   Free with Membership

Art Appreciation

Art appreciation

Picture Study & Art Appreciation Course.   Free with Membership

Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation Course.   Free with Membership

Elementary Grades

Semester 1 due for release July 2021

Kindergarten Homeschool

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

Kindergarten Curriculum (Ages 5 – 6)

Semester 1 – Release Date July 2021

Grade 1 Homeschool

Grade 1 kids homeschool program

Grade 1 Curriculum. (Ages 6 – 7)

Semester 1 – Release Date July 2021

Grade 2 Homeschool

Grade 2 Curriculum (Ages 7 – 8)

Semester 1 – Release Date July 2021

Grade 3 Homeschool

Grade 3 Homeschool program kids

Grade 3 Curriculum (Ages 8 – 9)

Semester 1 – Release Date July 2021

Grade 4 Homeschool

Grade 4 homeschool program child

Grade 4 Curriculum (Ages 9 – 10)

Semester 1 – Release Date July 2021

Grade 5 Homeschool

5th grade kids homeschool program

Grade 5 Curriculum (Ages 10 – 11)

Semester 1 – Release Date July 2021

Middle School Grades

Semester 1 due for release July 2022

Grade 6 Homeschool

Year 6 Homeschool Boys

Coming 2022

Grade 7 Homeschool

7th Grade Homeschool curriculum

Coming 2022

Grade 8 Homeschool

Year 8 homeschoolHomeschool Curriculum

Coming 2022

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